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At Hope City, we believe in creating a life-giving environment where anyone can feel welcome. That requires a team of people willing to serve with their time, energy, and creativity.


Hope City's Dream Team has one goal – serve God by serving His people. If you desire a life filled with joy, growth, and community, now is the best time to start!


Hope City's Dream Team has one goal – serve God by serving His people. If you desire a life filled with joy, growth, and community, now is the best time to start!

There's a Team For You!


First impressions are lasting impressions.
From the moment that guests arrive at Hope City, they’re served by smiling faces and enthusiastic volunteers.  From being at the front door to serving cold brew we’ve got people here to help our new guests feel comfortable and connected at Hope City!  If you love people, there is a place for you on our Hospitality team!


Help kids live life differently on Monday because of what they experienced on Sunday.
Hope City Kids is a blast! Whether rocking a newborn or leading a small group of 5th graders, our goal is simple — show kids the love of Jesus in really fun ways! We have many roles for all different types of personalities.  There is a place for you!  

Learn more about Hope City Kids here.  


Impact the next generation for eternity!
Build trusted relationships, celebrate spiritual growth, and encourage students to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus while modeling it in your own life. We are #FORtheNextGeneration, and one of the ways that we do that is by showing up in their life, and walking alongside of them.  You can impact teens during a critical stage of their life!

We love the next generation.  For more information, read about that here. 


Musicians and singers using their musical gifts for God’s glory!
Our goal is simple: To give God the glory and honor He so deserves by lifting up songs of truth, adoration, and surrender every weekend. At Hope City we love the expression of musical worship and know that it’s a valuable and powerful way every believer can connect with God.


Lights, Camera, Action!
We live in a media saturated society.  As such we use a lot of media in our services.  We have opportunities for camera operators, lighting techs, and people to run our presentation software.


The Security Team creates distraction free environments for people to engage with God and others!
Every Sunday our security team arrives and ensures that everything is working properly! They give people opportunities to experience life change in the name of Jesus! Be a part of something bigger than yourself!


Do you have an eye for capturing the moment?  Are you interested in digitally telling the story of what is happening in the life of Hope City Church?  Than the Media team is for you!  Each and every weekend, our media team captures what God is doing at church through the lens of a camera.  


Help create community and  connection by leading a Hope City Connect Group.  Groups are offered twice a year during our fall and spring semesters.  

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The dream team is a community of people serving God with their talents and abilities, and we want to help you join the team!
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