Brotherhood Men's Night is coming soon!

Calling all men! Get ready for an epic night at Hope City Church with our upcoming Brotherhood Men's Night! Picture this: savory BBQ filling the air, the sound of bags hitting the board in our corn hole tournament, and topped off with an inspiring message to fuel our journey to becoming the men God created us to be.   Our mission? It's a big one: turning men into brothers. We're all about cultivating a community where we're not just buddies but genuine brothers. We're aiming to grow into well-balanced, God-honoring leaders who impact the worlds of our loved ones. Whether it's being the kind of sons of God, husbands, or fathers that inspire and delight both others and God Himself, we're in this together. So grab your buddies and join us for a night of good food, friendly competition, and some encouragement along the way!


We courageously encourage one another to become the man that God created you to be in all things; physical, emotional, & spiritual.

The Goal:

To turn men into brothers.
To develop a band of brothers who are well balanced, God honoring, and character driven leaders.
To be the kind of sons of God, husbands to their wives, and fathers to their children that is both inspirational to others and pleasing to God.

Join a Men's Group

Brotherhood is more than just Sunday mornings and occasional gatherings.  Being a part of a brotherhood means that we are intentionally involved and invested in one another's lives.  There's no better way to do that than by being a part of a men's connect group.