I Am the Good Shepherd- Message Only

Apr 10, 2022    Pastor Peter Gowesky

Life can be chaotic and quickly feel out of control. In those seasons, it's easy to wonder if anyone is in control! We start asking questions of God like, WHERE ARE YOU IN THIS? This is one of the most trying times in my marriage; where are you? Or we can ask the question; GOD, CAN YOU ACTUALLY CHANGE THIS? In other words, GOD, are you big enough and strong enough to solve this problem?

When we go through challenging times in life, we can begin to doubt God's Presence, His Provision, and His Protection.

Is it possible that we ask these questions because we don't understand Jesus, or perhaps we have a wrong understanding of ourselves? DO we have a CONTROL problem or a TRUST problem?

Listen in to week 3 of IN HIS OWN WORDS as we discover what Jesus has to say about Himself and how it applies to us.