HELP! I'm ready to give up on prayer

Feb 18, 2024    Pastor Peter Gowesky

Hey friends! Are you feeling like throwing in the towel when it comes to prayer? Don't worry, you're not alone! Join me for a deep dive into the topic of persistence in prayer in this talk titled "HELP! I'm ready to give up on prayer."

In this message, we'll unpack the powerful parable of the persistent widow found in Luke 18:1-8. Get ready to discover how our Heavenly Father responds to our prayers and why it's essential to keep on asking, seeking, and knocking. Spoiler alert: God is eager to give good gifts to those who persist in prayer!

So, if you're feeling discouraged or uncertain about the effectiveness of your prayers, this is the talk for you. Let's dive in together and learn how to cultivate a spirit of persistence in our prayer lives. Don't miss out—hit that play button and let's journey toward a deeper understanding of the power of persistent prayer! 🙏✨