Finding the Best One!
October 12th, 2021
Written by: Pastor Josh PowellFall has arrived.  Up north, the leaves are changing, and the morning air is cool and brisk.  School is in full swing; sports are gearing up, and so much more is happenin...  Read More
Patience is a Virtue?
September 21st, 2021
Written by: Pastor Josh PowellWhen I was a little kid, I couldn't stand waiting in lines.  At the grocery store, in the school cafeteria, I even had a problem waiting for my turn to bat in little leag...  Read More
Loving Others is Fruitful
September 14th, 2021
Written by: Paige LeichtAbout two years ago, my husband and I moved into a new home. If you’ve moved before, you know it’s a lot of work. You’ve got the unboxing, the putting away, the furniture placi...  Read More
Names Are Difficult
August 31st, 2021
Written by: Kelsey DoughertyOne of the hardest things my husband and I have ever done is name our children.  We even struggled to name our dog when we brought her home; she was nameless for a few days...  Read More
Simple But Not Easy!
August 24th, 2021
Written by: Pastor Josh PowellHave you ever heard the saying “simple but not easy”?  It means something is not complex or complicated to accomplish; however, it may be difficult or challenging to perf...  Read More
Rules and Routines?
August 17th, 2021
Written by: Kelsey DoughertyAs a teacher for many years, one of the first things I did in my classroom was establish the rules and routines. It was a routine that I loved because I am a rule follower ...  Read More
Curiosity Is Important
August 10th, 2021
Written by: Pastor Josh PowellThis past weekend we kicked off "The Chosen" message series.  If you haven't checked out the show, you can download "The Chosen" app from your app store, you can go to "T...  Read More
Run Your Race!
August 3rd, 2021
Written by: Missy CooperIf you are anything like me, your tv has been tuned to NBC these last few weeks, watching the most elite athletes in the world compete on the ultimate stage in Tokyo – The Olym...  Read More
You Are Worth It!!
July 27th, 2021
Written by: Pastor Bailey Jackson"Just Keep Swimming." – Dory"Fish Are Friends. Not Food." – BruceFinding Nemo is a classic family movie with A TON of memorable quotes.  I mean, when the fish in the t...  Read More
Courage, Dear Heart
July 20th, 2021
Written by: Liz TaylorSince I was a kid, I’ve loved all of the books in the Narnia series. I think what appealed most to me was the fact that they were ordinary kids that got swept away to a new place...  Read More
What Is Your Biggest Fear?
July 13th, 2021
On Sunday night Pastor Peter kicked off our new series, Blockbuster, and asked us to think about where we might be choosing fear over faith in our lives.  I wish I could say that I am just getting bet...  Read More
Sandcastle or Fortress?
July 6th, 2021
Written by: Josh PowellSeveral weeks ago, my family and I decided to go to the beach.  The weather outside was perfect, the beach conditions were calm, and there weren't crowds of people swarming our ...  Read More