Finding the Best One!

Written by: Pastor Josh Powell

Fall has arrived.  Up north, the leaves are changing, and the morning air is cool and brisk.  School is in full swing; sports are gearing up, and so much more is happening as the year winds down.  If you are anything like my wife, you love pumpkin patches.  Since I can remember, every fall, we go to a farm, ride hay rides, play in make-shift playgrounds, and walk around a large rut covered field trying to find the best pumpkins we can.  

Most times what we would be looking for a pumpkin that was different than the year before.  Big, small, white, orange, long stem, we would even look for pumpkins that resembled a gourd.  When we would look in the distance to find pumpkins we wanted to look at, we would search for the ones that appeared like what we wanted on the surface, but very seldom was with the right one.  You know that feeling, never finding the best one.  Just wondering, have you ever found that perfect pumpkin? I haven't, I'm terrible at finding them, but I can find the nastiest ones with my shoes- GROSS!

Similar to searching and looking for the right pumpkin, we look for ways to please our flesh.  The Apostle Paul refers to our sinful desires as the flesh.  Often times what we want looks different than what it did the day before because of our desires, doesn't it?  Sometimes we want to solve our problems with alcohol or have a therapy session with Dr. Retail.  Maybe it's searching for ways connects with God other than prayer and Scripture.  No matter what you're searching for to please your flesh, you will never be satisfied. That's why what you want always changes.  

Having a relationship with God isn't going to make those flesh-driven desires go away instantly.  Spending time with God, in prayer, and studying His word, your desires will start to align with God's will and desires for your life.  Spending time with God will help move your desires from self-gratifying to God-glorifying.  When we spend time with God, we start to walk with the Spirit.  The Apostle Paul tells us what happens when we walk by the Spirit; we grow in the Fruit of the Spirit instead of the acts of the flesh (Galatians 5:13-21).  He gives us the nine attributes that make up the Fruit of the Spirit:

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control" – Galatians 5:22-23

Paul gives us a list that is inter-connected, meaning you cannot show kindness without having joy.  You cannot express gentleness without having patience. To grow in the Fruit of the Spirit, we must walk with the Spirit and not gratify our desires.  When your desires aren't aligning with God's, walk with the Spirit.  When what your searching for is different today than yesterday, remember to walk with the Spirit to

This week, spend time with God in prayer.   Ask Him to grow the Fruit of Spirit.
This week, spend time reading and studying Scripture to discover God's will for your life.  Discover how your desires start to align with God's desires.  

Learn to walk with the Spirit and grow in the Fruit of the Spirit.  

If you don't know where to start reading the Bible, there are several different reading plans out, but this is one I have used.  

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